The Card Deck for Startups
Get ready to answer some tough questions. The OfficeHours Card Deck is the perfect tool to prepare for your accelerator interview.

The Deck is made up of 90 Cards with 180 of the most important questions you need to consider when starting a startup. Learn to answer rapid fire questions, stay concise and eliminate the filler.

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A lightning fast way to define your startup idea and connect with your team. Answer the most frequently asked questions and prepare for your accelerator interview.

What OfficeHours Teaches

When you’re passionately trying to convey your big idea it’s easy to stop listening to what people are asking and answer a totally different question. OfficeHours teaches you to consider what type of question is being asked and cut straight to the heart of the answer you need to give.

How Is OfficeHours Used?

  1. It’s perfect as an Ice Breaker at a Startup Weekend, Hackathon or Meetup. 
  2. Get your co-founders on the same page, bring the deck to a team meeting and see how your vision aligns.
  3. It’s great as an offline way to privately practise vocalising your startup ideas. Fill in the cards to help you memorize core points.
  4. Nervous about a pitch, accelerator interview? Kill your nerves with some last minute Q&A. Bring the key phrases front of mind. 
  5. Find your weak spots. What’s tough to answer? What have you left blank? Identify your weaknesses and crush them!

Question Types

There are 5 core types of questions when discussing startups. If you understand what type of question is being asked it helps you to stay focused, not get frustrated and understand what information you need to convey. 

What Types Of Questions Are There?

  1. The Team - When you hear these questions what people are really asking is "Why You?" A team can only be changed through hiring, firing or training. Even a great idea can’t fix a bad team so take these questions very seriously. Know what you’re good at.
  2. The Idea - Most people get hung up on their idea and take criticism personally - don’t! It’s easy to change an idea, pivot and with it you change the customers you get & competitors you’ll face. 
  3. The Customers - You don’t choose your customers, they are a byproduct of the idea you chose. You need to demonstrate you can reach them, have industry knowledge , enjoy being around them and can fix their pain. If you can’t, it’s time to review your idea.
  4. The Competition - Just like your customers, competitors are chosen for you. Denying competition exists is a red-flag - it means you value your idea too much. Learn from your competition, differentiate and embrace it. They may just buy you out one day.
  5. The Work - This is where we talk tech! Remember that customers don’t want software they want a solution - whatever package that comes in. Tech maybe your heart & soul but customers are more important than code. Prove you’re an efficient team, with the skills to tackle what needs to be done.

OfficeHours card deck will help you to practice your pitch and vocalize your vision.
Get out of your own head and start talking.

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About Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller

The OfficeHours Card Deck was originally created based on experiences and lessons learned while the creator participated in a business accelerator programm in the US in 2010.

The Deck was designed in 2015 to be the perfect Ice Breaker at a Startup Weekend, Hackathon or as offline preparation for an Accelerator Interview.

It can be a challenge to learn to give concise answers, minimize filler and maximise the impression you make. This card deck will make you think about your team, idea, vision and the work it will take to get there.

If you’d like to get creative and make your own DIY Print-at-Home deck, click below to purchase the digital download.

Custom Decks

Conferences & Meetups

Want to get your attendees talking? A custom OfficeHours deck is a fantastic way to break the ice with on-topic questions that are sure to be remembered.

Accelerator Programs

Want your applicants to arrive prepared? Help them understand the mission & vision for your programme and put together a card deck that is full of the tips and know-how that usually takes months of face-to-face time to deliver.


Want to engage your employees in a different way? A custom card deck can be the perfect tool to deliver FAQs, company policy or even as a novel way to display your products and pricing to your customers.

Trainers & Speakers

Your own card deck is a powerful promotional tool that you can distribute among your participants and get them actively engaged in discussion. No more death by PowerPoint!